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Lewis Family Soup, now in five-gallon family jugs.

The Dead Guy: Lewis Soup (2008) is a fake commercial directed by Tucker Lucas for Theatre B's 2008 performance of The Dead Guy.

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Plot Summary[]

What is a lifetime? It's a collection of moments we cherish forever. What is love? It's the thread that weaves those moments together. What is home? It's the warm heart that's big enough to hold all that love. None of use know how long we have... but we know home when we taste it. Lewis Chicken Noodle Soup. Now in new five-gallon family jugs.

Production Information[]

This fake commercial was shot at the home of Matthew Burkholder.



  • Tucker Lucas.... Director, Editor
  • Eric Coble.... Writer
  • Matt McGregor.... Cinematographer
  • Matthew Burkholder.... Producer, Location Manager
  • Missy Teeters.... Production Assistant
  • Brad Delzer.... Production Assistant
  • Maureen McDonald.... Special Thanks

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