Dan Hassoun as Dr. Thurgood Feelgood III, PhMD

Dr. Thurgood Feelgood III, PhMD is a fictional character created and portrayed by Dan Hassoun.

Dr. Feelgood has appeared on Trollwood News at Noon (2003-2004) and 3600 Seconds (2005-2007).

A surgeon of questionable skill, Feelgood is often plagued by malpractice suits. He mysteriously lacks the ability to convey emotion, though on the inside he loves his job of performing surgery. He once came close to reversing his vasectomy when he ate part of a specially-treated Krispy Kreme donut.

He has often participated in experiments of dubious medical value, including a study on the results of combining Pop Rocks and soda. Following the loss of his surgical mojo, he undertook a quest to retrieve the "one glove" that would help him recover his abilities.