Death of Art (2005) is a short movie written by Emily Beck and Mike Stromenger and directed by Mike Stromenger.

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A community theatre's production of Death of a Salesman is put in jeopardy after their director dies. Luckily, a big-shot from New York is willing to step in and make it work, despite numerous challenges, the first being that the production is actually a musical.

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Written, shot, and edited on Mini-DV in 48 hours for the 2005 MSUM 48 Hour Film Project. The project requirements were as follows: the genre was Western or Musical, the prop was gravy, the line of dialogue was "Ah, but can you do this?" and the character was Pat Ogelsby, Traveling Salesman.

All music and a few lyrics were written by Mike Stromenger. The rest of the lyrics came from the play, Death of a Salesman.

Interiors for the movie were shot in the Glasrud Auditorium at Weld Hall on the campus of Minnesota State University Moorhead.



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  • Best Picture, MSUM 48 Hour Film Fest
  • Best Editing, MSUM 48 Hour Film Fest

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