Dan writes a letter to Bill

Dear Bill (2005) is a two minute movie that played publically in the 2005 2-Minute Movie Contest during the Fargo Film Festival. It was the second two-minute movie done by Tom Seim. It stars Dan Hassoun, as well as his younger brother Mikey Hassoun.

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Dan writes a cruel, humorously dry letter to Bill O'Reilly.

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The movie received criticism due to its blunt, harsh nature toward TV pundit Bill O'Reilly and his views on the Middle East. The controversial pinnacle point of the film was a pan shot of Dan's wall that featured cut-outs of faces of several historical villains such as Joseph Stalin, Charles Manson, Adolf Hitler, and George W. Bush. Above the photos was a sign that read "The Wall of Jerks."



  • Written, Directed, and Edited by Tom Seim

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